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Today I am sick. I have a cold or possibly a flu. I finished unpacking some stuff. Masturbated probably more times than I would like to remember and had a cup of tea. Nice day’s work really.

I’d like to take a moment to thank BP for giving us petrol, oil, plastics and every other petrochemical product that we have basically fiended for. Especially all the stuff that goes into my favourite gadgets.

Shame on everyone for screaming witch whilst reaping the benefits.

Sure, why not? Let’s boycott BP petrol stations (most of which are privately run by the little guy these days) because you know, that will stick it to them? LOL Give me a break all of you self righteous idiots who want to kill BP for making all the things you like…

So as you’re driving past the BP station to go the extra 5kms down the road to a Shell or whatever, I sit here AMAZED that you don’t even realise the irony of what you’re doing…

All of you sanctimonious self righteous wankers should be crying for the lost ipods, rising gas prices and all other petrochemical products you depend on…

So your song gets remixed by someone with talent. Then it gets signed to a major label. Great! But YOU did not sign anything. The person who remixed your tune did though. Stop claiming it as your signing, you look stupid and desperate.

I am pretty sure that most of the people I know around me kiss my ass, but not before driving in a couple of knives in my back on the way down.